www.dynamicwoman.ca is a woman's Christian coaching online hub that was created specifically for you, the dynamic woman who is looking to reinvent herself with the word of God. This website is your one stop meeting place to find help, hope, and restoration with a sense of peace that comes from knowing God's love. Shannon Gilmour is your life coach and mentor who provides insight and information that allows you to spiritually transform yourself in a way that offers non-denominational support while retaining the integrity of God's word.

  • Do you feel spiritually restless?
  • Are you looking for Christian answers that need a Christian woman's perspective?

You know yourself better than anyone, so you already know what a life coach is all about as you love yourself enough to guide yourself through the struggles we call life.  Sometimes we are standing too close to the situation to see clearly to gain an objective view.  This is where troubles can start, and finding someone who can see situations from your perspective with an objective point of sight can be a challenge on its own. You don't need a babysitter, you need someone who is willing to go the distance with you because you need someone who has been in the trenches of life already. You need a life coach who understands because the battle to overcome has been made complete in her. This woman's coaching and mentor website will help you gain the insight you truly need. Reaching out to help you in your need is what this place is all about; women helping women.

Within the pages of this women's coaching website, you will discover answers to your spiritual questions and find inner healing and inner peace. You are welcome to use this site for personal soul searching but in your soul's quest you don't have to feel alone. Discover mentorship and fellowship with women who have traveled the path and have overcome the obstacles and challenges of emotions that are recognized in human behavior.

We all have struggled in our walk, with current issues and society trends today that make us feel like a fish out of water. If you find yourself struggling and have decided that online Christian Woman's coaching is right for you then please look no further as this site is constantly growing to help accommodate the needs of dynamic women just like you!

  • Do you suffer from depression?
  • Are you or have you ever contemplated suicide?
  • Are you struggling with sexual abuse?
  • Are you dealing with someone who expresses narcissistic behavior?
  • Do you have fears and phobias?
  • Do you struggle with self limiting beliefs?
  • Does your anger challenge your health and well being?
  • Are you anxious and nervous and have racing thoughts?

These are some of the challenges that many of us women face and at times we cannot figure from where these challenges come from. Discover the answer from Biblical perspective as your spiritual woman's coach and mentor Shannon Gilmour offers you valuable insight into the hidden spiritual dynamics that make you unique and a valuable asset to God's kingdom. 

Sit down, relax and take a look around; read some articles, take in a two day retreat, or search the about Shannon page to learn a bit more of how your life coach Shannon began this online coaching program and ministry.  May this site offer you peace and assurance to help encourage you to go the distance. Women helping women is a healthy step towards our future as we build each other up with words of wisdom granted to us through extreme experience. We are not ashamed of the journey and realize that what we have been through are stepping stones to help lead other women to a better and brighter future giving in thanks to God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. 

A little note from Shannon:

"I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars
in the sky and as the sand on the seashore." - Genesis 22:17

(May 2016) The other day I was communing with God the way that I share with you in the 'Designing You' retreat. The moment was serene and I began to contemplate about the sand on the sea shore. I imagined myself squishing the hot granules through my toes when all of a sudden I saw the HUGE hand of God lift his hand up out of the sea. It was in a fist and I could see that His hand was full; full of sea shells and He ground them with the sheer strength in his hand, and returned the pulverized minuscule portions of the shells back into the ocean. This left a curiosity in me I could not shake.

Sea sand consists mostly of rock and fragments of shells that are left to decompose through weather and water erosion over a vast amount of time. The smaller fragments are tossed around by the sea and settle as sediment. The minerals found in rock are not always stable, and decompose more readily than others and the composition that gives sand its unique qualities and color are from the minerals that are more resistant to the effects of time. The typical brown sand that is common through out the world is caused by iron staining and Some of the white beaches that are often visited in places like Florida are rich in quartz within the sand composite. There are beaches however that offer a quiet respite whose sandy shores do not consist of rock born minerals in the form of silica also known as quartz, but instead consist predominantly of calcium carbonate; tiny fragmented bits of sea life ; also known as sea shells. ( Note: Pink sand consists of pink sea shells.)

Sea shells are the exoskeletons of muscles such as snails, clams, and oysters. The marine animal secretes calcium carbonate to create its own safe environment. The shell is constantly maintained as the mollusk has to enlarge the shell as the animal grows.

Sometimes foreign objects become lodged in between the Mollusk and the shell, which become irritating. The mollusk then secretes calcium carbonate around the irritant, in order to protect itself. Oysters form a protective coating around a grain of sand and over time, produce a valuable object; a pearl.

"The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate made of a single pearl." Revelation 21:21

Although we are likened to the grains of sand along the sea shore, we too become irritated with the troubles and worries of this worrisome world. That is the reason for the theme of this website; like the oyster we use the word of God to cover the irritant so that we can become protected from infection, disease and possible death. With each layer, the Word of God covers us with a coating of righteousness Hardening over our hearts as we become the pearls dwelling in the river of life of heaven. 

"Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, as clear as crystal,
flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb." Revelation 22:1