E-coaching course: 40 days to a new you

What is this program?

Every woman has a purpose and plan in this life. Although it may seem that she is bogged down with the many challenges within the roles she takes on, every woman is someone’s super woman.

Through divine design, women have been created with a unique giving nature that allows her spirit to soar! She has possesses unique qualities to allow her beauty to rise to the surface through the loving and giving nature that she is.

With today’s changing ways that position itself against the backdrop of a life filled with convenience, the woman inside of us has become silenced. Today our woman hood is slowly fading away as our purpose in life dwindles as we loose our reason to shine.

It’s time to take back what we thought we lost to rekindle our God given feminine spirit in a way that is both challenging and rewarding.

Discover the you you were always meant to be as you were meant to be; a lovely woman born out of love as you were created in love; through the loving hands of God who cherishes you because you dearly lovely lady came from His heart.

40 days to a New You allows you to take back your feminine power as you achieve your sense of purpose by looking inside your heart for deep contemplation. Search your soul with God’s word to help you attain the life you always wanted as God has created this life you are living for you.

You are a woman of promise and this course shares with you how you can see that promise just by gaining new perspectives about biblical stories that we all can relate to, as you learn to see a new perspective within yourself.

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With committed effort of a half hour a few times a week, you will be feeling better in more ways than one with this e-coaching course.

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Course outline:

Receive bi weekly anecdotal teachings to help you climb to the peak of your spiritual growth!


Pushing past the barriers:

*Persistence is a necessary trait in order to achieve one’s goals. Understand from biblical perspective what persistence is and how it can be developed.

Knowledge retained is knowledge lived:

*How much information do you really know? Retention is essential in forming opinions and adopting beliefs. Discover how retention is important as persistence is your friend.

A hard lesson in Job:

*We all have our Job moments. Discover through the chaos that Job encountered that life is not as it seems. It is important to look to the unseen, because that is where your success is.

Saying ‘yes’ when you should say ‘no’: 

*Giving is natural, however looking to the unseen helps us women to understand when our giving can be harmful and when it is beneficial.

Who’s the boss and why aren’t you? (prt 1 & 2):

*Discover a hidden message of Peter and Jesus walking on the water together. Evenly yoked relationships need to remain lifelong and if you are not yoked with yourself, you can’t stay yoked to others.

Knowing your role so God can take control: 

*Delving deeper into previous lessons taught; the love of a mother and how instinct over rides training.

Helping yourself out of bad situations:

*Revisiting the book of Job to help you understand where life went wrong and how you can overcome challenges with God’s help.

Concluding remarks and questions

BONUS: The dream state: Where God’s voice can be heard the loudest.

Frequently asked questions

1. How can taking this course help me?

 This course is built around the premise of ‘women helping women’.  This is not a quick fix in solving your problems. This course is designed to challenge you on what you know and what you think you know about the bible, yourself, and life.

This course offers you a helping hand to see where you as a woman of promise can fit securely within life as you become the focal point in your life as you challenge yourself to go the distance in your many roles you daily face.

Every challenge you face is unique to you. This course does not dismiss those challenges as this is NOT A COOKIE CUTTER PROGRAM. Your life as personal as it is; shares common principles that are universal to everyone no matter the age, sex, spiritual or religious beliefs. This course shares with you the fundamental principles of life as we have grown into a misunderstanding of these principles which causes us spiritual burn out.

This course sets you on track to make these principles work f or you that allows you to personalize your femininity to become the powerhouse of top priority for Godly living.

40 days to a New You helps you to make changes in your life through biblical perspective to empower you in your womanhood to set yourself firmly in a spiritual bond with yourself and with Jesus.

2. Once this course is completed, when can I expect results?

Results vary as success is dependent on you. This course was designed to help you make changes right away as the information contained within this course allows you to gain knowledge that encourages you to apply in your personal life immediately.

Knowledge is power, but only if it is put to the test and utilized. Practical application is the essential ingredient as applied knowledge is what enhances learning.

Psychology determines that it takes 21 days to form a habit. However, looking at the living example Christ showed us through His fasting from food, we are shown that repeated behavior for an extension of committed effort for at least 40 days forms a new pattern of behavior as it also forms a pattern of belief. When a belief is formed, it is trusted. To follow Jesus in His ways forms a pattern of belief that proves He is true because what He tells us to do is proven trust worthy as it works in our lives.

I’d like to share with you some hidden insight about Jesus fasting in the desert. This course shares with you why He fasted, but I would like to deepen this insight, as the reason why Jesus placed himself in the desert is also significant.

 Jesus performed a repeated pattern of daily fasting for 40 days in a place where He had NO ACCESS to FOOD! This shows us that when we fast from our daily food- which is sinful actions and thoughts, we need to take yourself out of the world and into a place less traveled. A place where the world will not find us; In His righteousness… in His word. We need to seclude ourselves just like Jesus. How we do this is to change our patterns of behavior that lead to sin.

The teachings of Jesus share with us how to change our patterns of behavior. If we are prone to go pick up a magazine that is full of gossip at the local magazine and cigarette shop, then stop going to that store. Change your route so that you do not pass by the store, do not carry the correct change on you to make it convenient to buy the magazine. Delay your route if you must drive or walk by, make it at a time where it is so busy you don’t want to stand in line, or the store is closing. The point is, the choices you make alter your behavior and beliefs and you do not have to do anything you don’t want to. Changing your behavior by fasting from sin, shows you that you don’t want to participate in it. Getting away and secluding yourself by making choices that help you succeed allows you to stay rooted in the new behavior and keeps you away from temptation.

The reason why the enemy came to Jesus was Jesus COULD make bread. He could manipulate energy and make food for Himself. What does the enemy test you on when you are rooted in the world? The enemy cannot test you when you are out of the world.

Results do not happen over night. A period of time takes place before you alter your patterns of belief and behavior. Making a commitment to keep going will have you see results that, is the only scientific proven guarantee to making change happen.

3. I do not have time to commit to working on this course every day for 40 days. DO you have suggestions on how I can help make smaller changes in my life?

As much as I would love to help you. I have done all I can in this course and in the other courses I offer. Maybe check out the other courses on www.dynamicwoman.ca to see if there is something that is better suited to your needs.

If you are not committed to loving yourself how can you expect to have a committed relationship with God? This is not meant to be rude, but I ask because I’d like you to reconsider and think of the possibilities you are missing out on.

Let me ask you this; if you are dating, do you not make and effort to go the distance to be there for the one who holds your interest? Do you not set aside time to be with them? Do you not interact with them regularly and shift around your schedule to be with them?How then can you commit to others in this capacity, but you ignore yourself and your Father in heaven? Something’s gotta give and you can’t expect stellar results in a relationship you commit very little time and attention to.

If you are not ready, you are not ready. I encourage you to give this course PRAYERFUL ATTENTION. This course NEEDS your input and your committed effort, even to see tiny results. Because it is in those tiny results that will lead you to monumental conclusions that will help you to define who you are in this life. We only have one chance in life, you owe it to yourself to MAKE IT COUNT!

Thank you for considering my services as your personal Christian life coach and mentor. I am looking forward to meeting you.

God bless you on your journey we call life.

Hope, help, peace and restoration to you lovely lady!

Much love,