"Writing is in my blood. It is who I am. I cannot not write about the word of God. It isn't that I want to share my perception of God's living word; I want to help reveal it in a way that makes a personal difference.

By letting the bible be what it is and what it was always meant to be, I share with my readers how to apply the knowledge and insight given.  I help make scripture more easily understood and allow God to remain in His voice as His word and meaning cannot be separated.
His word is the same for me as it is for you. "

Books I have authored:

Body & Soul: The necessity of food

Non Existent Entities

The true Existence of non existent entities

The Bad Boys of Narcissism - Exclusive to coaching through the healing process of narcissistic abuse.

This book is based on my own healing that God brought me through in a very profound, unique and dynamic way that allowed me to expose my authenticity without feeling scared, repressed or intimidated.


Life experience has afforded me the credentials to help empower others to gain strength and work through troubling times.
( Ask me, I'll tell you.)

1989- Received Peer support training with high school program: AADAC ( Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission.) VOLUNTEER.

2005- Received training through Crisis outreach -Red Deer Alberta.  Worked as an outreach telephone peer helper.  VOLUNTEER

Present: Continue to Volunteer as an online mentor and crisis aid through email, and various websites.  VOLUNTEER.

( My helpful knowledge includes suicide intervention and prevention, addiction, relationships, school, education tutoring as I am also a homeschooling mom.)

Shannon Gilmour is an inspirational author and life mentor utilizing her own faith and struggles in life to help uplift and admonish the Christian community.

"I have not always been a believer in God. I began not knowing who He was, but knowing that through finding Him life could offer something better. Then I began searching for Him in  the hearts of other people.
This didn't turn out well for me. It instead unraveled all that I achieved setting out on my own with just a bible in hand.

When I went back to allowing God to teach me through His word, and not looking to any other sources, this is when for me the bible came alive! When I implemented the teachings of Christ, I was given the gift of deliverance, and healing and I even have been blessed to witness miracles that were desperately needed.

I have to admit, faith from the human heart is challenging, but in searching out the knowledge this life has to offer and seeing the works of God within it, faith in God is a faith worth finding and loving Him is an exciting adventure! 

It is my greatest desire to see hearts changed! As God works out my own salvation, I share with others how they can work out theirs too. There is a cure to depression, suicide, wayward behaviors, and troubling relationships. It all is relative as the latest insight God has shared with me through personal study has allowed me to apply it and see results.  I want you to know the love of God in a way that leaves no doubt or question in your mind, all I ask is just a little bit of your time as we walk on His path together."