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Dealing with depression is not a life sentence. Discover hope and healing through this empowering self help message.



We are our children's advocate. Bullying has many reasons, learn how to stand up to bullying in a way that empowers your child.



The Law of Attraction:

The Law of Attraction applies to everyone as the hidden unseen properties that make this law work can be backed up with science which in turn can be backed up with God's word.


Detox and Cleanse:

So you heard of the detox and cleanse diet trend. Your friends swear by it but is it really something you should do for your body? Do you need to do this for your body? This article will help you out.

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Jesus is the foundational rock in your spiritual life.


Maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit to live for God takes dedication and effort. Discover insights to bible study that will allow you to maintain your daily focus.

Maintaining your health is
taking responsibility for the
temple God has entrusted
you with.

Feeling like a fish out of water is part of the healing and growth process. It feels good when you have arrived!

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