"Taking charge of your life means to take action"

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Frequently Asked Questions about coaching:

What is a life coach?

Life coaching is a process that strives to help you work through the challenges in your every day life. A coach is not so much focused on your past as they are on the 'NOW' and future conflicts. Coaching helps prepare you to achieve your goals of success.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring differs from life coaching by the way of teaching and helping you to educate yourself in ways of not only coping but striving through conflicts successfully. Often times the mentorship is a partnership where the people involved establish a relationship that offers encouragement through emotional support.

What makes my coaching/mentoring practice unique?

As a certified crisis outreach mentor for 11 years, I've learned what training cannot provide. Every individual is unique and different and the heart and mind are often unequally balanced. This can lead to trouble areas coaching or mentorship on their own may not address. This is why I combine coaching, mentoring and outreach together backed up with God's word to ensure that you receive the help and attention that will motivate you to succeed and achieve the you God intended you to become!

After our initial FREE consultation, and you have decided that this is something that is right for you, then together we will move forward in helping you achieve your goals by first looking inside of you to visually see and expose the spiritual hindrance.

If you would like to try me out on your own. I have put together a retreat for you to participate within the free time that you have or can spare.

*If ever you are unsatisfied, you will be refunded a portion of your money back to you.

Coaching Packages:

Package 1:


  • If you have a question and are struggling to find a solution, please feel free to contact me with your question and meet with me online to help you work out a solution.  

consult with me until you have found a reasonable solution.  You will receive prayerful attention and helpful peer mentorship.


Package 2:

You reinvented

3 month journey of wellness

  • Discover healing ways to change yourself into a new you that wields confidence and creativity within your own personal space. Seek out goals and challenges that enhance the you you are to become as a woman with purpose!

  • Discover conflict resolution methods to help erase the emotional battles within.

Consult with me as together we will discover how to gain your confidence and implement personal boundaries. You will rid yourself of limiting self believes and discover your faith in God with more meaning as you become encouraged to know you are dearly valued and are needed in His kingdom.

What you will receive:

  • 26  of 1 hour correspondence (phone or skype)
  • Email support
  • Personal prayerful attention
  • Personal work book and activities for you to work through. (YES THERE IS HOMEWORK!)
  • Free complimentary JOURNAL.


$150.00 CAD

Breaking past the emotional barriers:

You are here for a reason. That statement has meaning on many levels: The fact that you are here reading this says that you are curious to take the next step but maybe you do not know how to achieve that next step because you can't envision what the outcome of taking that next step looks like.

  • Ask yourself what it is you want out of life and if life so far has afforded you the things you desire. Why or why not? 
  • Next, ask yourself what would it cost you emotionally to invest in yourself a few hours a day with a little help from someone who has 'been there and done that'?
  • Are you willing to to put in the effort and time that it takes to help me help you make change happen?

Then I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS! This is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship with...


I want to share with you something right now that IF you have answered the above questions with helping you in mind, then you have already taken the first step! WOW! That wasn't so hard,  but now it is time to work with me so that I can help you stay in momentum. It's follow through in consistency that we are after because the first step cannot take you anywhere if you are not willing to take another step, and another, and another, and another after that. To get you to where you are going you are going to have to move. That's what coaching is about, I will help you move forward in the direction you need to go.

  • I will help get you unstuck by helping you to identify strategies to problematic areas of your life.
  • I will help you facilitate coping skills that will allow you to implement ways of changing yourself in order to change specific outcomes.
  • I will help encourage and motivate you to transform your life in ways that are amazing to help you achieve greatness.

It is my goal to see that you become empowered about your life to see the beauty it holds, but not only that, I want you to harness life's potential because I want to help you envision your own potential. 


Yes, you can. It just is a matter of priorities. That may offend you but if you can budget to suit your spending habits, vacation time, and personal eating functions and make time for social activities, then yes you can and should make time appropriately for you. It's called a beneficial sacrifice and we all have to do this now and again. It's called healthy self maintenance.

I'm not asking a lot from you; If you are not satisfied with the care and attention that my coaching will give you, you will receive your unused portion back to you.

Can you afford:

  • Eating out?
  • Shopping for clothes?
  • Vacations?
  • Social outings?

Budgeting is easy to do and I am willing to work with you on a payment plan to ensure that you are given the opportunity to MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN!

CAN YOU COMMIT yourself to 90 DAYS? Then let's get started. I'm excited to meet you and I look forward to working with you!

I also invite you to take a look at the following websites to see if I would be a great fit to help you in figuring out what you want to figure out.



NEW E-COACHING based on the book find it here:


Who can I help?  

  • Are you suffering from suicide and depression?
  • Are you struggling in your relationships?
  • Are you struggling to define who you are?
  • Do you struggle with finances?
  • Do you struggle with anxiety?
  • Do you suffer from abuse historical or current?
  • Are you dissatisfied with work, with life and yourself?
  • Are you looking for positive change?

If you answered 'YES'!  Then let's chat! Seriously. I am looking forward to meeting you!