Sit down and relax and enjoy some helpful self-help videos that will enable you to see your life from biblical perspectives. These lessons are from understandings that I have had to learn of about myself and those around me. From my heart to yours, Enjoy!

DEEP CALLS TO DEEP: Loving yourself outside of the drama trauma 6 week e-course self help study.

Discover hidden biblical insight to help you heal from painful memories and experiences as you learn to shift your spiritual awareness from heartache to forgiveness! Understand and unlock your hidden potential as God’s gifted daughter as you tap into your inner being to live a life of more in abundance of God’s love for you and for others.

Week ONE:

Uncover emotional decision making practices that limit your growth and ways you can shift the balance between you and negative outcomes.

Week TWO:

Discover how to effectively communicate with yourself, and with God to effectively communicate with others.


Discover how to disarm negativity in you and in others to live as a positive role model and spread love and joy.

Week FOUR:

Discover how to adopt the attitude of Grace by understanding the meaning of gratitude.

Week FIVE:

Discover how to deeply love yourself as you apply God’s loving kindness to your heart.

Week SIX:

Discover how to get rid of self-sabotaging tactics known as stonewalling.


The Chronicles of Narcissism: Good vs Evil

Understanding narcissism from a biblical perspective. Discover ways to thwart harmful attempts to disempower you as you tap into your kingdom authority to turn the tides to take back your power for good.

EACH SEGMENT INLCUDES HOMEWORK! Set aside an hour of quiet time to answer questions and seek guided biblical answers

Understand the behavior of a narcissist from the objective standpoint and biblical reasoning.

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Living with toxic people is emotionally debilitating. Understand how you can emotionally detach yourself through bible perspectives.


There exists a lot of wonderful insight that answers the question what is a narcissist? However there are still more answers that can found. Looking into narcissism through the lens of scripture can share with us a curse that is has been long forgotten until now.

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