Health Article:
By Shannon Malaka 2016

Detox and cleansing:

The myth behind the magic

Shannon MalakaCopyright 2016

So you want to try a detox diet or maybe even a cleanse but do not know where to start. It seems everywhere you look people are trying and buying into this dietary craze. Although you maybe curious and want to try it, there’s a reason why you haven’t just yet; a little caution exercised is an ounce of prevention.

Detoxification (Detox)  and cleansing (Cleans) are best described as a means in which a person uses herbs and natural supplements along with whole, natural and raw foods to help rid the body of harmful chemicals and parasites from within the body. This is a type of restrictive dieting, and meant to be carried out over a short term period. Enabling the individual to resume their natural eating regimen only to repeat this detox and cleansing cycle in intervals through out the calendar year.

It used to be that one had to go to a spa to receive detox treatments, but now these treatments are found over the counter at any health food store or pharmacy. An online search proves that even one can find so called remedies and natural detoxifying and cleansing recipes through the foods found within their fridge.

Wanting to rid your body of harmful toxins is a good thing. However turning to detox and cleansing methods isn’t because most people do not understand their food requirements and take for granted that the promoters of these methods have your best interests at heart. They don’t. While there are legitimate people wanting the best for themselves they blindly promote something that they have tried, hoping to promote goodness and health not realizing that they bought into and are promoting nothing more than a gimmick. Here’s why.

In truth, if you are eating a nutritionally,  balanced diet that is one one full of vegetables and fruits , whole grains, essential oils and sufficient amount of water, your body is already getting the antioxidant, anti-aging, health promoting nutrients your body needs. If you are getting enough fiber in your diet, both soluble and insoluble, parasites are eliminated naturally and cannot survive in a flourishing healthy bacterial environment within the gut or intestines. If you are practicing in an exercise program at least three times a week, this helps to detoxify your body as chemicals are broken down from your fat cells and excreted through the lungs or perspiration.

There is actually no proof that detox’s and cleanses work. One may assume that they do because of the feeling of overall wellness, one may experience while participating in such a regimen. However it is short lived and can actually do more harm than good. Detox and cleansing involves fasting to some degree. Fasting is not recommended without knowing your body's nutritional health and wellness. 

It is assumed the side effects felt from a cleanse or detox is due to contaminants being removed from the body. This is NOT TRUE.  Many people experience side effects such as dizziness, vomiting, headaches, mood swings, and fatigue. While these side effects are touted as ‘normal’, they can pose some serious health risks to pregnant women, mother’s who are breast feeding, people with underlying health issues diagnosed or not, and individuals who suffer from vitamin and nutritional deficiencies.

Healthy foods naturally detoxify your body, I don’t know anyone who has felt nauseated after eating an apple, or felt a migraine coming on after eating a cup of carrots. Some detox plans dictate that you stay away from fruits and/or vegetables all together. This denies your body of needed nutrients and vitamins and your body shows symptoms for that need in the form of symptoms mentioned above. Headaches can be a sign of dehydration, a lack of electrolytes ( Needed minerals such as sea salt ( NOT TABLE SALT) Nausea can be caused from a lack of food, nutrient depletion, dehydration. Mood swings can be caused from a lack of specific vitamins of the B group, depleted hormone levels from a lack of amino acids and Omega’s. Fatigue can be caused from a lack of energy, nutrients, water, and minerals. You can definitely see that the body becomes symptomatic with food and nutrient depletion and deprivation.

It is assumed that harmful toxins are flushed out of the system, but along with this, vital nutrients are flushed out of the body as well.

Looking at the list of ingredients to detox and cleansing supplements, one will find that the ingredients are  extracted from exotic fruits and vegetables. However the one main ingredient that tops the list, natural or unnatural laxatives.

  •  Laxatives, if taken too frequently, and in excess,  have a negative effect on the body, where the body becomes unnaturally regulated and dependent on them.
  • Detox and cleansing methods can become addictive and create a false sense of security, and cause an individual to stay away from foods that they should be eating.
  •  Detoxing and cleansing the body is only meant to be utilized when needed. However people abuse this method unknowingly abuse their body in a way that is harmful. Individuals often avoid foods assuming that they are harmful because of what detoxifying and cleansing the body erroneously teaches. This causes food related disorders, such as binge eating and food intolerance.

Getting rid of harmful chemicals and parasites within can be done in a healthy way, by changing the way you think about food and the way you eat it. By making healthy and wise choices about your food will ensure your food takes care of you for life!

Choosing organic, chemical free foods, and ditching the processed stand ins for food will help you feel and look great from the inside out!  Maintaining your body through exercise and healthy eating choices is the natural detox and cleansing your body thrives on. This healthy lifestyle is a choice and when put into good use becomes a way of life with less effort than the short lived detox and cleansing efforts that for the long term become a burden to your body.

About the Author:
Shannon has a love hate relationship with food as most of us do. Her over eating tactics and triggers were a symptom of something very deep and personal that had yet to be overcome. Her eating habits led to an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle that brought on borderline diseases to which could not be diagnosed. Turning to God for help she found healing through His love and felt the need to share the hidden secrets about food. Six years after her journey, Shannon has maintained a committed eating habit that has become a wanted lifestyle.  Buy her book today to uncover BIBLICAL detail about food that you have never heard before!