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Shannon Malaka  2017

Extruded Grains:

Breakfast cereals and pastas are not worth dying for

Shannon Toxic copyright 2017

Food extrusion is a process by which mixed wet ingredients are forced through small openings of a food mold by the force of pressure. The food mold also known as a die or plate forms food into specific shapes in the form of hollow pastas such as macaroni, Croutons, bread sticks and flat breads, pre-made cookie dough, baby foods, textured vegetable protein which is a Vegan product, soy, ready to eat snacks, cereal, even dry dog and cat foods.

Food extrusion is nothing new, it first began with the creation of sausages in the 1870’s and prepackaged cereals and dry pastas have been extruded since the 1930’s. Extrusion is effective, convenient and allows producers to mass produce product in a way that allows each portion of product to look alike and uniform. However convenient extrusion foods may be, the process is harmful to the foods we eat and that means extruded foods are harmful to you.

During the extrusion process, grains are mixed with water to produce a slurry which are then placed into the extruder and through pressure are forced through tiny holes and shapes at high temperatures. This gives the cereals their signature shapes; tiny stars, o’s, flakes, shreds and squares. Another method forces individual grains through the extruder that when they come out of the die, they are puffed in form and larger in size. This method produces the signature puffed wheat, rice crisps and oats.

Extrusion negatively effects the final product because during the processes vital nutrients are destroyed. Fatty acids within the foods are denatured. Lysine, an essential amino acid is completely destroyed. Protein chains are altered through the high pressure and heat combination process and become toxic as they become foreign to the body to which the body cannot properly digest. This protein break down effects the nervous system causing a wide range of health problems that can cause pancreatic, liver, kidney problems, insulin shock and diabetes, degeneration of nerves as well as mental and behavior problems. The issue extends to the organic cereal market as well. Studies suggest that because of the higher protein content within organic foods, the risks are exponential during the extrusion process.

With the demand for convenience, it is becoming more apparent that convenience sacrifices quality. Breakfast cereals maybe tasty but taste should not replace nutrition. The next time you go to the cereal section consider the long term effects on your body after eating these foods to help you make wiser food choices.

Foods that make excellent breakfast choices:

· Organic fruits,

· Organic cooked grains such as quinoa, millet, amaranth and oats.

· Organic yogurt and fruit,

· organic toasted breads, organic fruit breads ( Banana, pumpkin, zucchini, carrot)

· Organic Fruit and vegetable shake

· Organic crepes, waffles, pancakes ( made with oats and banana), organic French toast.