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Why take nutrition seriously?

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Nutrition is an essential component to health and fitness. It is simply defined by the choice foods you eat that help to sustain and maintain your body. Within these choice foods are nutrients that your body needs that help to maintain your health and over all well being.

Not all foods are alike, it is more often the case that we make our food choices by the way that they are presented and prepared. It is common to choose foods based on color, smell and taste without realizing that the nutritional value within the food is most important. Even within healthy food choices, these foods are not created equal. This is why it is important to eat a variety of healthy foods through out the day to ensure that your body continues to work at its optimal performance. Eating healthy foods helps to regulate body functions, maintain cellular structure, regulate metabolism, provide energy to perform specific tasks through out the day and enable the mind to think clearly as well as nutrition helps to retain memory. Obviously our bodies are dependent on food, and it is important to understand the nutritional value within the food themselves in order for you to understand the importance and value within daily nutrition.

It is said that the first dietary advice given was found on Babylonian tablets dated around 2500 BC. However the study of nutrition can be dated to around the 6 Century in China where instead of the food pyramid, nutritionists labeled foods according to hot and cold categories. Hot foods were of a meat source along with spices, while cold foods were green leafy vegetables. Physicians within that era understood that nutrition could help cure disease, but primitive thinking did not link nutrition to the root cause of these diseases. Instead, it was believed that the earth’s elements were the root causes to bodily ailments.

“Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” -Hippocrates

Hippocrates, a Greek physician of 400 BC ,who in modern day is considered the ‘father of modern medicine’, was concerned with growing obesity within the community and to help combat the problematic issue, he recommended exercise. Hippocrates, was the first to assume and document that nutritional factors within the human body were caused, or altered by one’s environment and lifestyle habits. This modern view on health ultimately separated the discipline of medicine from religion.

Looking into the pages of our biblical history we are shown that God had made the precise distinction between health and well being with nutrition through the labeling of clean and unclean foods. These foods were in the form of meat sources as vegetables and fruits were and still are a body’s mainstay. How one became ill was not just from the quality of foods they ate, but also the quantity. Not all foods are beneficial for us to eat although all foods are permissible to eat. We eat through the nutritional choices we make and this has not changed. Modern day science proves God’s mandate as science clearly shows that it is the unclean food sources that promote sickness and diseases in our bodies. While this may line up with the thought of Hippocrates, only God’s word tells us why this is so.

Science shows us on a minuscule level where sickness has begun to take hold of our health and it can even pinpoint the body organs effected, but science and Hippocrates fail to help us in understanding the root cause to the problem; sin. It is through the desires of the heart that we indulge in what we do that leads to poor health. Even if a person exercises proper nutrition, it is the very fact that indulgence and too frequent eating sessions through out the day can lead to weight gain and illness. This helps us to understand that nutrition as far as a healthy Godly lifestyle is concerned, addresses the complete man as modern day nutrition only deals with the physical aspects of him.

“It is God’s will that you should be sanctified... that each of you should learn to control his own body.”
1 Thessalonians 4:3

Nutrition is essential in maintaining an overall healthy body and well being, and it begins with the food choices you make. The nutrients within these foods help to supply your body with the nutrients it needs in order to stay healthy, and maintain its vitality. However, as much as nutrition is about food, nutrition should encompass the reasons why we eat what we eat as living lifestyles in free will indulgences contribute to the onset of disease and illnesses in the body.

It is important that our nutritional standards line up with biblical standards as we ask God to bless our food to our bodies one thing we fail to realize is He can’t because we have taken away the nutritional value of our food in a way that leaves Him out of the details.

Nutrition isn’t just about eating right through healthy foods, it is about understanding what are healthy foods and what makes them healthy that is certain. But it is also about making healthy choices and understanding the reasons why those healthy choices need to be made in the first place. Our bodies are dependent on foods, but more importantly our health is dependent on God and understanding that food and God cannot be separated as He is the creator of our food sources ensures and secures a healthy life on earth.