3-6 Hours for TWO DAYS.

This retreat will give you some insights and some workable  and practical knowledge that you can utilize for... LIFE! 

Commitment is essential, work at your own pace but make sure you make the effort for steady progression.

You are welcome to participate in this retreat at the place of your choosing:

  • Your home, a park, the beach, on vacation.
  •   Pick a place that is comforting for you where you will be able to have some alone time and where you can set aside 3-5 hours each day by yourself with no distractions.
  • I would like you to also have a journal, or a note pad with you and bring your bibles along with you as your self study retreat time will be scripturaly intensive. 


    Participating in the retreat will allow you to download 50 page ebooklet for FREE!

    As an extra Gift for completing the retreat you will unlimited consultations with me FREE for LIFE!

Thank you for your interest in Designing You online Women's retreat.

What is Designing you Women's online Retreat all about? 

   Designing you came from my own personal struggle in trying to gain a closer walk with God. While I worked through His word, something in me felt void of giving my full and complete attention to Him. I desperately wanted to, and I got what His word was saying to my heart, but for some unknown reason there was like a glass wall preventing me from achieving the greatness in my relationship with Him I desperately wanted.

   That all changed when I began researching into some deep scientific discoveries that suddenly allowed the reasons for my hindrances to make sense. I finally knew WHY I couldn't do what I wanted to do in my faith and knowing WHY allowed me to pursue God in a way that allowed me to stop saying ' I CAN'T' but instead believe ' I COULD! '

   With this new discovery of scientific evidence I have been able to take my relationship with God to a whole new level. I have finally after 20 years of searching, learning and studying, I have finally been able to come to a secret place in my relationship with Jesus that offers comfort, rest, reassurance and trust with the ability to actually KNOW Him without question, without doubt, without fear, without apprehension.  It's one thing to know His word as we all do, but I want to share with you how to literally get to know God's heart.  Once you know God's heart, you will know how He thinks, and then you will know the details of blessings He has woven into your own heart that makes living righteously an exciting and rewarding achievement.

This retreat shares with you non denominational biblical support that is set out apart from church doctrine and teaching. 

   Scientific discovery shows us that our brain is ruled by five electrical frequencies that are called brain waves. While all these brain waves are important for optimal brain function, there is one brain wave in particular that is EXTREMELY important.  This brain wave is responsible for a lot of our decision making outcomes that have GONE WRONG and it is also responsible for our thinking patterns that involve self limitations and self sabotage.

  By restructuring this brain wave you can finally live as how you've always wanted to live; in a way that retains, and renews your integrity as God's daughter without any more obstacles in the way.

  Using scientific discovery along with the TRUTH of God's word, I show you how you can finally discover the reasons behind your self imposed limitations, and why it is you do the things you do without you really giving much thought them.  This retreat will expose the barriers of resistance to allow you to shift your behavior away from the things you don't want to do, and allow you to willfully choose to do the things that you want to do without much effort in struggle.

   Knowledge is power and once you get in the know, you will become empowered to make informed decisions on how you want to live. By utilizing some key take away action plans you can finally make a deliberate plan of action without jumping through hoops or compromising your self worth. The days of self placating and people pleasing are over as you embark on a journey of self discovery that allows you to live in a pleasing way for God your Father that is wholesome and honorable allowing you to live as a confident, dynamic daughter of The Most High!


Free for a limited time! 

Be sure to include in your email you want to sign up for the retreat and introduce yourself, I want to meet you! 

 When you provide me with your email, I will contact you within a few days to begin the initial orientation. Expect a real hand typed email from me as I share with you Retreat Details and weekend itinerary.  Through this initial correspondence this is a PERFECT time to share with me your specific needs. Are you looking for a group event? Are you more comfortable in a private setting? Do you have specific areas you'd like mentorship on? This is your opportunity to ask questions also, so please feel free.

   I wanted to give you a heads up on what to expect before you begin this program. This program deals with personal subject matter that is exclusive to you. While you will have questions you are encouraged to answer, please answer them at your own pace and do not feel that you need to share your answers with me. 

   If you desire feed back you are more than welcome to share your answers and please know that I value your privacy just as much as I do mine. I’d like us to mutually agree that we will not share information that is shared within this retreat with other individuals or companies, church groups public or private including those who are not already participating in this program.

   I want to assure you that your privacy is important to me and I will not use your information for purposes of solicitation nor will I give or sell your personal information. Confidentiality is assured. If you have someone in mind who you think maybe interested or who could benefit from this program, please feel free to have them contact me at

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In your email please include what services you are wanting to sign up for and don't forget to introduce yourself. Thank you!